Commercial Water Heater Repair in San Diego

At Rooter Solutions San Diego, our commercial plumbing services extend beyond fixing, repairing, and replacing fixtures, sewer pipes, and drain pipes in your commercial building or business. Our team of commercial plumbers is also expert at commercial water heater repair in San Diego, as well as new water heater installation and upgrades.

Our commercial water heater repair San Diego service evaluates the current condition of your water, what is wrong, and whether it is more cost-efficient to repair or replace the water heater. If your commercial water heater is more than five years old, a replacement could be ideal if your current heater is constantly breaking down and nearing the end of its useful life.

Commercial Water Heater Replacement in San Diego

We offer a few different options for commercial water heater replacement in San Diego. You could choose a traditional tank-type water heater or upgrade to a tankless water heater. Commercial tankless heaters have several benefits over traditional water heaters, such as:

  • There is no heat loss of storing hot water.
  • The heating element does not have to run periodically to maintain hot water temperatures.
  • Less space is required to install a tankless water heater.
  • The heater only runs when you want hot water.
  • Water heating costs are significantly reduced and lower your energy bills.
  • More than one tankless water heater can be installed to meet your hot water demands.

In addition, tankless heaters are better equipped for businesses and commercial buildings with hard water. The mineral and sediment deposits commonly found in the bottom of tank-type water heaters are not as much as an issue with tankless heaters. Furthermore, commercial tankless water heaters can last as long as 20 years with proper maintenance.

Commercial Water Heater Inspection in San Diego

Rooter Solutions San Diego is pleased to offer commercial buildings and businesses commercial water heater inspections in San Diego. Inspections are essential to ensure your water heater is operating optimally and to help identify potential problems before they become major repairs.

Inspections are also highly recommended if you are getting ready to purchase a new commercial property or business and want to verify the water heater does not require any repairs or replacement. We would be happy to also perform other plumbing inspections for you, like inspecting sewer and drain lines and checking for water leaks while inspecting the water heater.

You can count on our commercial plumbing San Diego experts to provide you with sound advice and assistance on deciding whether commercial water heater repair or replacement is best. We also provide assistance in all areas of commercial plumbing, including drain cleaning, toilet repair, fixture replacement, sewer line repair, septic repair, and emergency plumbing services.

Please feel free to contact Rooter Solutions San Diego at (619) 870-6000 for all of your commercial water heater replacement and plumbing needs today!