Water Heater Services – San Diego, CA

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Maintaining your home’s water heater is crucial for providing you and your family with a steady stream of hot water. Your water heater may need maintenance if you notice:

• Underheated or overheated water
• Water leaking around the heater
• Dirty or cloudy water
• Sulfurous “rotten egg” smell
• Buildups of mold, rust, and/or corrosion

plumber turning dial on water heater

Water Heater Service Indicators

Leaving these warning signs unchecked could cause long-term damage to your home and plumbing, especially if your water heater is more than 10 years old. At Rooter Solutions, we offer a full range of water heater services including:

  • Water heater repair
  • Water heater replacement
  • Water heater flushing
  • Water heater safety inspections

For a complete diagnostic of your water heater, call our team at 619-870-6000 and get a free written estimate.

Prevention Is Key

Rooter Solutions, The Honest Plumber are trained to find out whatever ailments your water heater is going through and are prepared to get it fixed and working properly again in no time. Should you need to get a replacement our professionals are here to give you the advice you will need to determine the next steps.

For the comfort and safety of you and your family, do not ignore the warning signs of a failing water heater. Prevention is key to saving yourself time and money and the headache of replacing your current water heater.

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