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Plumbing Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in San Diego, CA

At Rooter Solutions San Diego, we understand the importance of reliable plumbing services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of licensed and experienced plumbers is dedicated to providing top-notch plumbing solutions that cater to your specific needs and budget.

Our commitment to your safety, comfort, and satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We treat you and your property with the utmost respect and care, ensuring that every job is completed to the highest standards. Trust Rooter Solutions San Diego to deliver exceptional plumbing services that exceed your expectations.

From simple drain cleaning to large-scale commercial repiping, we have the skills and expertise to handle everything your plumbing system could need

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The Rooter Solutions Guarantee

24/7 Emergency Services
24/7 Emergency Services

No one can predict when plumbing emergencies will strike. We ensure you can count on us around the clock. Our reliable emergency service team is always ready to get things flowing again.

100% Customer Satisfaction
100% Customer Satisfaction

Since day one, your satisfaction has been our ultimate goal. We take pride in delivering top-notch service that leaves our customers satisfied.

Award-Winning Services
Award-Winning Services

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. We have been recognized with industry accolades, a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality plumbing services.

San Diego’s Top Plumbing Services for
Residential & Commercial Properties

Owning a home or business involves continual maintenance, with plumbing issues often at the forefront of concerns. A small leak can quickly become a significant problem, leading to costly repairs and business operational disruptions. Our licensed plumbers at Rooter Solutions offer expert plumbing services, including emergency plumbing services, for homeowners and businesses, backed by over 30 years of experience.

Our professionals provide round-the-clock support and innovative diagnostic techniques to swiftly address any plumbing problem, from slab leaks to gas leaks, ensuring compliance with building codes. Trust us to protect your investment, minimize disruptions, and maintain your plumbing system's integrity. Contact our plumbing company in San Diego today for a free estimate.

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Schedule Service With the Plumbing Experts Today!

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We Believe We’re Changing Lives For The Better

At Rooter Solutions San Diego, we pride ourselves on our transparent and efficient process that keeps you informed every step of the way. Our professional plumbers utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques for clearing clogged drains, repairing water lines, and fixing sewer pipes, among other services. We always use safe methods that won't damage your plumbing system, ensuring the highest quality service possible. With Rooter Solutions San Diego, you can count on a seamless experience from start to finish.


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Plumbing issues, such as a burst pipe, can disrupt your daily routine and cause water damage, often striking at inconvenient times. Rooter Solutions recognizes the urgency of such emergencies, offering round-the-clock service from our skilled plumbers. Don't let plumbing problems stress you out — hire a plumber in San Diego, CA, with 30 years of experience to solve your issue.

Invest in Unparalleled Plumbing Pros

I saw an ad for Rooter Solutions on the TV and saw that they were offering a great deal on a drain cleaning service ($54). I looked them up on the internet and saw that they had great reviews so I called them the next day and they arrived quick. They served with great customer service and were very helpful with my plumbing service concerns.
- Mary Mock
I've hired these guys for numerous repairs over the past year at a multi-resident building and have been impressed with response time and communication. Plumbing is a hard gig to keep people happy when my pipes are falling apart everywhere. Thanks for all your help!
- Jashua P.
Excellent professional service! They were timely, extremely courteous, explained the situation, the work that would be needed and the cost. If you’re looking for a good plumber service, I recommend Rooter Solution highly!
- Yvonne Donnelly
My plumber couldn't come out to my business the same day and decided to reach out to Rooter Solutions and they said they could be out in a few hours, which was fantastic. They were able to snake out a line that unclogged three drains, so we are up and running again.
- Rob Vollmer

Licensed Plumbing Contractor FAQs

How Do I Unclog a Toilet?

To unclog a toilet, use a plunger to create suction and dislodge the blockage. If that doesn't work, use a plumbing snake to break up the clog. Alternatively, following the manufacturer's instructions, you can use a chemical drain cleaner carefully. Always prioritize safety and avoid using excessive force or tools that could damage the toilet. If all else fails or you're uncomfortable attempting it yourself, consider contacting our local plumbers for assistance.

What Is Causing My Faucet to Leak?

Several factors, including worn-out washers, seals, or O-rings inside the faucet, can cause a leaky faucet. Over time, these components can degrade due to regular usage, leading to leaks. Additionally, mineral deposits or corrosion may develop, affecting the faucet's ability to seal properly. Improper installation or loose parts could also contribute to the issue.

Why Is My Shower Pressure Low?

Low shower pressure can stem from various reasons, including a clogged showerhead due to mineral deposits or sediment buildup, which restricts water flow. Another common cause is a partially closed or faulty shut-off valve, restricting water flow to the shower.

Issues with the water supply, such as low water pressure from the municipal source or a partially closed main water valve, can lead to reduced shower pressure. Problems within the plumbing system, such as leaks or pipe corrosion, may also affect water pressure.

Why Does My Toilet Smell Every Time I Flush It?

If your toilet emits a foul odor every time it's flushed, several potential causes exist. One common reason is a damaged wax ring seal between the toilet and the floor, allowing sewer gases to escape into the bathroom. It could also signify a blockage or partial clog in the toilet's drain line, which can cause sewage to back up and produce unpleasant odors. A malfunctioning vent pipe or inadequate venting system can lead to sewer gas buildup in the toilet bowl, resulting in persistent odors.

Why Does the Faucet Run Water When the Shower Is On?

When you experience water running from the faucet while the shower is on, it's likely due to a problem with the diverter valve. The diverter valve is responsible for directing water flow either to the showerhead or the faucet. If the diverter valve is faulty or worn out, it may fail to fully seal off the faucet, allowing water to continue flowing through it even when the shower is in use.

This issue can result in water wastage and reduced water pressure in the shower. Replacing or repairing the diverter valve should resolve the problem and ensure proper water flow control between the faucet and the shower.