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Hydro Jetting
Declogging Drains Like Never Before

Premium Hydro Jetting Services in San Diego, CA

Blocked drains and clogged pipes are more than a nuisance. They often disrupt daily routines, cause unsightly messes, and can even lead to extensive and costly structural damage if left untreated. Traditional methods for clearing pipe blockages in a home have drawbacks; they consume time, often provide temporary fixes, and can damage your plumbing system.

At Rooter Solutions in San Diego, CA, we understand the importance of maintaining and protecting your plumbing infrastructure for the long term. That's why Rooter Solutions’ expert team of plumbers offers the most comprehensive and powerful pipe-cleaning method available with hydro jetting. 

This innovative technique harnesses the power of water, combining it with precision equipment to clear tough blockages and restore pipes in your home to an optimal level of performance. With hydro jetting, we can safeguard your investment, minimize potential repairs, and provide cleaner, smoother, and more efficient plumbing systems. Experience the difference that hydro jetting can make for your pipes, and witness the unrivaled expertise of Rooter Solutions’ dedicated team of plumbing professionals.


Experience the Efficiency of Hydro Jetting Today!

Experience the power and efficiency of hydro jetting by scheduling your service today. Say hello to clear and flowing pipes in your home!

Efficient and Effective Sewer Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

The game-changing advantage of professional hydro jetting lies in its comprehensive approach to clearing blockages. Unlike conventional methods, it removes the physical blockage and cleanses the interior walls of your pipes, minimizing the chances of future clogs. It's a service designed to deliver convenience, efficiency, and longevity to your home’s plumbing. Another advantage is hydro jetting's non-invasive procedure, posing a minimal risk of damage to your pipes, unlike harsh chemical solutions or forced mechanical methods.

The Rooter Solutions Guarantee

24/7 Emergency Services
24/7 Emergency Services
Drain disasters don't check the time of the day. That's why we don't either – we're available around the clock for emergencies.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
We thrive on the happiness of our customers. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward, and we go above and beyond to ensure it.
Award-Winning Services
Award-Winning Services
Our exceptional service has been recognized and awarded by industry experts. Trust in us, and you're choosing the best.

Invest in Unparalleled Plumbing Pros

I saw an ad for Rooter Solutions on the TV and saw that they were offering a great deal on a drain cleaning service ($54). I looked them up on the internet and saw that they had great reviews so I called them the next day and they arrived quick. They served with great customer service and were very helpful with my plumbing service concerns.
- Mary Mock
I've hired these guys for numerous repairs over the past year at a multi-resident building and have been impressed with response time and communication. Plumbing is a hard gig to keep people happy when my pipes are falling apart everywhere. Thanks for all your help!
- Jashua P.
Excellent professional service! They were timely, extremely courteous, explained the situation, the work that would be needed and the cost. If you’re looking for a good plumber service, I recommend Rooter Solution highly!
- Yvonne Donnelly
My plumber couldn't come out to my business the same day and decided to reach out to Rooter Solutions and they said they could be out in a few hours, which was fantastic. They were able to snake out a line that unclogged three drains, so we are up and running again.
- Rob Vollmer
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All You Need To Know about Our Hydro Jetting Process

The Ultimate Solution for the Most Stubborn Clogs

At Rooter Solutions, we pride ourselves on our meticulous hydro jetting process. This attention to detail begins with an in-depth assessment of your plumbing system, analyzing the cause and location of the blockage. Our qualified technicians first examine your pipes using video inspection equipment, allowing them to pinpoint the exact area of concern, identify any underlying issues, and avoid potential damage during cleaning.

Once the initial inspection is complete, our expert team proceeds with the hydro jetting process. Hydro jetting thoroughly cleans and clears even the most stubborn and hard-to-reach blockages by propelling highly pressurized water through the pipes. This high-pressure water stream removes scale, grease buildup, roots, and other debris that may obstruct your pipes, all while maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system. Throughout the hydro jetting process, our technicians expertly regulate pressure levels to match the condition of your pipes, ensuring a safe and effective cleaning experience tailored to your unique plumbing infrastructure.

Give Your Pipes New Life While Preserving Their Integrity!

Show your pipes some love and extend their lifespan with our professional hydro jetting services. Call us today, and let us bring new life to your plumbing system while preserving its integrity.

Common Residential Hydro Jetting Services FAQs

What is hydro jetting and how can it help my clogged drains?
Hydro jetting is a powerful drain cleaning method that uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast away clogs and debris buildup inside your pipes. Unlike drain snakes that can break up clogs but leave residue, hydro jetting thoroughly cleans your entire pipe system, removing grease, soap scum, mineral deposits, and even tree roots. This significantly reduces the chance of future clogs and keeps your drains flowing smoothly.
Is hydro jetting better than drain snaking?
For tough clogs and preventative maintenance, hydro jetting is generally a better option than drain snaking. While drain snakes are effective for quick fixes on simple clogs, they don't clean the entire pipe and can leave residue behind. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, provides a deeper clean and helps prevent future clogs from forming.
Can I do hydro jetting myself?
No, hydro jetting is a professional service best left to licensed plumbers. The equipment requires specialized training to operate safely and effectively. High-pressure water can damage pipes if not used correctly. Our experienced plumbers at Rooter Solutions Plumbers San Diego are trained and equipped to handle any hydro jetting job efficiently and safely.
Will hydro jetting damage my pipes?
When performed by a professional, hydro jetting is safe for most residential plumbing systems. Plumbers use specialized equipment with adjustable pressure to ensure a thorough clean without harming your pipes.
What are the signs I might need hydro jetting?
Some of the most common signs to need hydro jetting are slow drains, recurring clogs, multiple clogged drains at once, gurgling sounds from pipes, or sewage backups.

The Rooter Solutions Guarantee

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