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Are you tired of waiting in line at the grocery store to buy bottled water? Did you know there is a way to obtain highly filtered, alkaline water from every faucet in your house for a fraction of the price of bottled water? A highly effective solution can be installed in minutes so you can enjoy clean, safe water at home!

At Rooter Solutions Plumbers SD, our technicians are fully trained, licensed, and share over 40 years of combined experience. We will work with you to find a water filtration system perfect for you, your home, and your budget!

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Live Free of Impure Water

Home water filtration has a wide range of benefits. Impurities in tap water can not only make it taste bad, but it can cause odors and create stains. By installing a water filtration system in San Diego, your water supply can be cleared of chlorine used for disinfection. Other harmful substances have been found in drinking water as well, including arsenic, lead, nitrates, and even traces of pharmaceuticals. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites may also be present. Fortunately, there’s now a way to easily rid your home of all of these.

We would like to introduce you to HALO Water Systems. Advanced water filtration systems are now available for San Diego homes and can remove many types of contaminants that cause everything from health problems to odors to pipe corrosion. These systems can remove nearly all the chlorine and heavy metals that may be in your home water supply. Your water will then be safe to drink and use for bathing.

Water filtration systems come in two main forms:

  • Whole House Water Filters: Remove chemicals, sediments, rust, heavy metals, and more from water at its point of entry, protecting your health and every pipe, faucet, and appliance. Whole house filters are especially useful for homeowners who rely on well water.
  • Faucet/Under Counter Filters: Protect your drinking water sources by mounting a filter on a faucet. Under counter filters can be quite powerful as well and capture sediments, odors, and chemicals as well as bacteria so your tap is safe to use.

Water Conditioning System: Water Softener and Purifier

A water conditioning system takes home water treatment to the next level. 

In addition to removing impurities and pathogens, it also gets rid of minerals that are present in hard water, which can affect its taste and accumulate in pipes. Mineral buildup can also affect the performance of soap and detergent, so cleaning dishes, bathing, and doing the laundry don’t yield the desired results. It can leave behind water spots, or deposits on dishes and kitchenware, which can be hard to remove.

If you're looking to install a water softener and purifier in your home, reach out to Rooter Solutions Plumbers SD! We'll go over your options to find the one that's right for you. No matter what kind of soft water filter you're considering for your home—such as a hard water filter for your water heater—we're right here to help.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Water conditioning can be used along with reverse osmosis to provide pH balance and reduce salinity. Reverse osmosis can get rid of excess potassium and potentially carcinogenic heavy metals.

Products from HALO Water Systems deal with all of these problems, using carbon, reverse osmosis, and scale inhibitors to protect your water supply. In-line and whole-house water conditioners are also available, as are advanced ion exchange water softeners and UV disinfection and sterilization systems to meet all your home water treatment needs. 

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How Is Your Water?

As a part of every service call, we are promoting water quality awareness. It’s a simple and free water test performed at the kitchen sink. There is no guesswork and we can identify the exact impurities that are in your tap water, to determine the best water conditioning and filtration system for you. HALO systems provide safe, clean, and fresh water you can drink, cook, clean, and bathe with and have peace of mind.

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