Commercial Faucet Repair in San Diego

Don’t let a plumbing issue as simple as a leaky faucet affect your business. Drop for drop, a leaky faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water a year, which translates to high expenses. Our licensed, trained, and experienced plumbers provide commercial leaky faucet repair quickly and with minimal disruption to businesses throughout San Diego and the surrounding area.

Faucets are common leak points, but small yet important components can often be replaced to effectively fix a leaky faucet. Your commercial faucet may be dripping due to a:

  • Bad O-Ring: The O-ring is a disc that is part of the stem screw, which holds the handle in place. If it wears out or loosens, a leak near the handle might occur.
  • Corroded Valve Seat: Connecting the faucet and the spout, a valve seat is prone to corrosion caused by the accumulation of sediment. A damaged valve seat can cause a leak near the spout.
  • Faulty Washer: The rubber washer is forced against the valve seat every time the faucet is used. Friction eventually wears out the washer, causing a leak; an improperly installed or wrong-sized washer can as well.

No matter the cause, Rooter Solutions San Diego provides prompt leaky faucet repair in San Diego. Commercial customers rely on us for repair and installation of:

  • Bathroom and Bathtub Faucets

Our highly trained plumbers can fix cartridge, ball, disk, and compression faucets in your commercial bathroom. Underlying issues that can trigger low water pressure can be fixed as well. If you want newer commercial bathroom faucets installed, our team of plumbing experts can help.

  • Kitchen Faucets and Sinks

Commercial kitchens are under high demand and a problematic faucet can affect service for anyone who works at or visits your facility. Our plumbers can repair faucets and sinks, garbage disposals, dishwasher connections, and any other plumbing equipment that leaks or causes water damage.

  • Outdoor Faucets and Sewer Lines

In addition to indoor commercial leaky faucet repair, we can address damaged outdoor faucets as well. Outdoor plumbing is susceptible to damage with changes in weather and seasons. Our team can locate the source of the problem, such as a cracked or damaged pipe, and fix it using the latest technologies.

Why Rooter Solutions San Diego

With more than 10 years of experience, we can provide fast, reliable leaky faucet repair in San Diego for any commercial business, no matter what is causing the problem. Upfront written estimates are provided at no additional cost. We also guarantee exceptional service, not to mention deals and coupons to help you save. Financing is available for up to 24 months with no interest. To learn more, contact our commercial plumbers online or give us a call at 619-870-6000 today.